How does the pump in my dispenser work?

A wide range of the Beauté Pacifique products comes in a dispenser (a bottle with a pump).
The dispenser is manufactured in a way, so you can look into the bottle.
When doing this you will find that the pump does not reach the bottom.
This is due to the fact that there is (under)pressure in the bottle that "pulls" the cream up.
It is therefore not necessary with a pump that reaches the bottom.

Will the pump still work if the packaging has been open?
The (under)pressure is easily remade if you have opened the packaging. Recreate the pressure by pumping a few times and the dispenser works correctly again.

The following products come in a dispenser:
Gelcoat-C Dry Air Comfort
Oil-Free Moisturizer
Defy Damage
Line Combat Fluid
Puffy Eyes Gel
Vitamin A Eye Cream

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