Is it safe to use the products during pregnancy and breast-feeding?

Pregnant or breast-feeding women often ask us, whether it is okay to use the Beauté Pacifique products in this phase of their lives.

All Beauté Pacifique products comply with the comprehensive legislation that regulates in details which ingredients you may use in cosmetics - and in which quantities.

So you can safely use alle our products - also when being pregnant or breast-feeding.

Below you find more information about this subject.

What does the legislation say?
All cosmetic products in EU must have a safety assessment.

In the cosmetic regulation it is statet that a cosmetic product must be safe for human health when used under normal conditions.

This demand applies to all customers - including pregnant women.

Can I continue using perfume and products containing fragrance?
If you have not been diagnosed with allergies to perfume, there is no need to stop using perfume or products containing fragrance during your pregnancy.

If you are allergic to certain fragrances, you should avoid them - even if you are not pregnant.

In Beauté Pacifique we get our perfumes specifically and very carefully designed, som we avoid declaring the 26 allergy-risky fragrance ingredients that EU has listed.

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