Clinical Super3 Booster (100 ml)

Clinical Super 3 Booster

Clinical Super3 Booster is a very strong, yet very tolerable Vitamin A creme that efficiently prevents and repairs:

• Thin and transparent skin
• Sun damage & chronological aging
• Impure skin

The result is a more uniform skin surface with clearly visible rejuvenation and a deep structural upgrade.

Use Clinical Super3 Booster primarily on neck, face and décolleté . Apply the creme thinly on cleansed skin every second night for two
weeks, and then gradually more often.
Let the product penetrate for a couple of minutes and then add a Moisturizer on top, if your skin needs an extra moisture boost.

Product sizes:
50 / ml tube
100 ml / tube

Varenummer: A0800301

Novagraf A/S